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Former FBI attorney Lisa Page admits the agency could NOT prove collusion between Trump and Russia before the appointment of Mueller as special counsel in bombshell testimony

Testimony from former FBI attorney Lisa Page revealed the agency had not proven collusion at the time of Robert Mueller’s appointment as special counsel Page made the startling claim in a closed-door hearing with lawmakers Fox News obtained a transcript of her deposition, which shows her saying investigators could not...


Trump calls for Sessions to end Mueller’s Russia investigation, ‘terrible situation’

The president’s tweet is sure to renew complaints that Trump is wrongly challenging the special counsel. Trump has repeatedly blasted the probe, but the call for Sessions to intervene represents another escalation. President Trump called Wednesday for Attorney General Jeff Sessions to end Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s Russia investigation “right...


Sean Spicer: Mueller’s investigation is not a witch hunt

“I think it’s very important to be clear that Russia meddled in our election and there’s no evidence of collusion,” Spicer said. Former White House press secretary Sean Spicer said that he does not believe special counsel Robert Mueller’s Russia investigation is a witch hunt, contradicting a claim often repeated...