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Violence breaks out WITHIN the migrant caravan: Fights erupt over food as it’s revealed a SECOND caravan is heading for US despite resolute Trump deploying 800 US troops to the Mexican border

Defense Secretary James Mattis said on Sunday that military equipment is already being delivered to border Mattis will announce more details on Sunday night as to where the troops will go and what roles they have Meanwhile the main migrant caravan has crossed into Oaxaca and taken a day of...


Homeland Security Secretary Nielsen unveils the first phase of Trump’s $1.6bn 30ft metal wall at the Mexican border as the administration says ‘everything is on the table’ to keep the migrant caravan out

A 30-foot fence spanning two miles has been erected at a Calexico site in Imperial City California Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen spoke at the Mexico-US border as a migrant caravan from Honduras headed towards the US Mission is expected to run from October 30 to December 15 in California, Arizona...