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US establishes five terror bases in Iraq’s Sinjar for PKK as Turkish troops advance The US builds five new military bases in Iraq’s Sinjar in order to protect PKK terrorists in northern Iraq The United States, which is seemingly in efforts to eradicate terror elements by putting multi-million dollar bounties...


Russian ambassador to the US says Trump and Putin reached ‘verbal agreements’ in Helsinki on nuclear and security issues – ‘much to the surprise of US officials’

Russia’s ambassador to the US Anatoly Antonov told The Washington Post that the agreements were made in the summit this week  Issues included the New START treaty and INF arms control pacts Antonov also said that Trump and Putin may work together on joint military operations against terrorism in Syria Another...


Trump tells Theresa May her soft Brexit plan will ‘kill’ any US trade deal after Britain leaves the EU, adds Boris will make a great PM and blames Sadiq Khan for terrorism in explosive start to UK visit

Trump said the PM has ignored his advice on Brexit negotiations, explaining: ‘I would have done it differently’ Sources close to president earlier warned lucrative transatlantic trade deal cannot happen with a soft Brexit  It comes after May used a lavish welcome dinner for Trump at Blenheim Palace to press her...