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US pledges $10.6BILLION in aid for Central America and southern Mexico just as Trump backs off his demand for $5billion in border wall funds

US pledged total of $10.6 billion in aid to Mexico and Central America Tuesday Money will promote better security and job opportunities in the region Aims to stem the flow of migrants traveling toward the US border with Mexico Announcement on changes to Mexico’s migration policy was postponed Mexican foreign...


Trump says immigrant caravan is a national emergency with ‘criminals and unknown Middle Easterners mixed in’ and vows to cut foreign aid to countries that failed to stop it as sea of humanity grows to 7,000 and pushes deeper into Mexico

Trump suggests gangsters and terrorists – ‘unknown Middle Easterners’ – are mixed in with migrant caravan He warns El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras to expect cuts in U.S. aid money for not stopping the people President also urges voters to elect more Republicans 15 days from now if they want...