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Former FBI attorney Lisa Page admits the agency could NOT prove collusion between Trump and Russia before the appointment of Mueller as special counsel in bombshell testimony

Testimony from former FBI attorney Lisa Page revealed the agency had not proven collusion at the time of Robert Mueller’s appointment as special counsel Page made the startling claim in a closed-door hearing with lawmakers Fox News obtained a transcript of her deposition, which shows her saying investigators could not...


BREAKING NEWS: Trump strips ex-CIA chief John Brennan of security clearances for ‘wild outbursts on the internet’ and orders review of other critics’ including Comey and Peter Strzok

Press secretary Sarah Sanders read a statement from the president removing the security clearances of the former CIA chief Brennan is a longtime agent who ran the agency under President Obama and during the Osama bin Laden raid He served under Republican and Democratic presidents and has become a frequent...


‘So many in the FBI have been hurt by these CLOWNS and LOSERS!’ Trump hammers Comey, McCabe, Strzok and his ‘lovely’ lover Lisa for damaging the bureau – but becomes a Twitter laughing stock for referring to their ‘text MASSAGES’

President Donald Trump tweeted on Saturday calling current and former members of the FBI ‘clowns and losers’ that have hurt others in the bureau He also suggested that the FBI may be hiding something by not releasing former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe’s texts In the post, Trump mistakenly wrote...