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Trump FIRES Jeff Sessions and replaces him as attorney general with ultra-loyalist who could now oversee Mueller probe

President Donald Trump canned his attorney general less than two hours after he said he was happy with most of his Cabinet, suggesting that some secretaries would be getting the ax. Sessions was expected to quit or be fired soon after the election. However, Trump at his news conference declined to say...


Trump unloads on special counsel Robert Mueller, the FBI, Attorney General Jeff Sessions and the Justice Department in a furious morning tweet storm

Trump again slams special counsel Robert Mueller’s Russia probe and his own attorney general, Jeff Sessions, for allowing the “witch hunt” to take root in the first place. The president endorses the view that Peter Strzok, an ex-member of Mueller’s team who was fired from the FBI on Monday over...


Trump calls for Sessions to end Mueller’s Russia investigation, ‘terrible situation’

The president’s tweet is sure to renew complaints that Trump is wrongly challenging the special counsel. Trump has repeatedly blasted the probe, but the call for Sessions to intervene represents another escalation. President Trump called Wednesday for Attorney General Jeff Sessions to end Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s Russia investigation “right...