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Trump says Don McGahn isn’t responsible for him ‘not firing’ Sessions or Mueller and says Ivanka and Jared had ‘NOTHING’ to do with the dramatic departure of the White House counsel

Trump announced McGahn’s departure on Wednesday  He said McGahn would leave after what he wrote was the hopeful confirmation of Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court  McGahn has cooperated with special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigators  Trump on Thursday pushed back on media reports that McGahn walked him back from axing...

Donald McGahn (above), the White House counsel, has been fully cooperating with Special Counsel Robert Mueller's investigation into whether President Donald Trump obstructed justice in the Russia probe 0

Trump claims members of the press phoned to APOLOGIZE for ‘failing New York Times’ story on White House attorney Don McGahn talking to Mueller – and says the top lawyer is NOT a rat who turned on him

President Trump says members of the press complained and apologized for a story in the New York Times on top White House lawyer talking to special counsel Trump slammed the tone of the New York Times story and said White House counsel Don McGahn is not ‘a John Dean type ‘RAT”...