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‘So many in the FBI have been hurt by these CLOWNS and LOSERS!’ Trump hammers Comey, McCabe, Strzok and his ‘lovely’ lover Lisa for damaging the bureau – but becomes a Twitter laughing stock for referring to their ‘text MASSAGES’

President Donald Trump tweeted on Saturday calling current and former members of the FBI ‘clowns and losers’ that have hurt others in the bureau He also suggested that the FBI may be hiding something by not releasing former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe’s texts In the post, Trump mistakenly wrote...


Bombshell DOJ inspector general report says Comey ‘deviated’ from FBI norms in Hillary Clinton email probe – but DOESN’T call his mistakes the product of ‘political bias’

DOJ inspector general report, released today, will say fired FBI chief James Comey ‘deviated’ from established FBI practices in the Clinton email probe Report comes on President Trump’s 72nd birthday But the inspector general did not find that Comey acted out of ‘political bias’  Still, the conduct of Comey and...