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FBI report ‘does NOT corroborate Christine Blasey Ford’s claims’ – Sen. Jeff Flake said Thursday morning: there had been ‘no additional corroborating information’

Democrats attack FBI Kavanaugh report as ‘incomplete’ but Republicans say the nominee is CLEARED and must be voted through, leaving the decision down to the SAME five swing votes Party leaders clashed over a new background probe of Brett Kavanaugh released to senators Thursday Senators got their first peek at...


‘They’re no angels!’ Trump claims he’s seen Dem senator in ‘very bad and compromising situations’ as he attacks the credibility of Kavanaugh’s accusers but teetotal President admits judge had ‘difficulty’ with drinking

President Donald Trump complained Democrats have treated Brett Kavanaugh ‘so viciously and so violently’ In an angry Rose Garden press conference he hit at the credibility of two Kavanaugh accusers He said Christine Ford hasn’t said ‘what year’ and ‘what house’ Kavanaugh allegedly assaulted her Said he has heard another...


KAVANAUGH CONFIRMATION: Confirmation in turmoil as Kavanaugh accuser agrees to testify

The attorney for Christine Blasey Ford said her client hopes to tell ‘her story in a manner that is a fair proceeding.’ By ELANA SCHOR and REBECCA MORIN Christine Blasey Ford’s willingness to testify in the Senate about her alleged high-school-era sexual assault by Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh added fresh turmoil Monday...