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Trade war is ‘negative, negative, negative’ for business, investors and consumers, ITC says

The U.S. trade spat with China and others is negative for business, investors and consumers, International Trade Center Executive Director Arancha Gonzalez said. Trump reportedly plans to meet with his trade team to discuss a draft report on tariffs for European autos. Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin has reportedly resumed trade...


Donald Trump’s opening remarks at the United Nations today drew laughter from world leaders bracing for a braggadocios address.

Donald Trump will take credit at the United Nations today for increases in Western defense spending that have eased financial burden on the United States Will also highlight warmed relations with North Korea that could lead to nuclear non-proliferation pact in a keynote speech to the body’s general assembly U.S....

Uyghurs in exile, rallying in Brussels on April 27, 2018 (World Uyghur Congress) 0

Report: One Million Chinese Citizens Are Detained in Secret Camps – A New Gulag in China

A testimony at the United Nations argues that more than a million Uyghur Muslims, in China’s western Xinjiang province, have been sent to “political indoctrination” camps. China has been struggling with the Province for the past few decades due to its ethnically Turkic, and Muslim, majority. Xinjiang province continues to...


Now China, Iran AND North Korea may join Russia in meddling in the 2018 elections as John Bolton warns there is ‘sufficient’ concern about the three countries’ actions in the midterms

National Security Adviser John Bolton said U.S. officials had ‘sufficient’ concern China, Iran, North Korea and Russia could meddle in the 2018 election  Bolton: ‘Those are the four countries that we’re most concerned about’  Earlier this month the White House put on a show of force about election meddling amid concerns...


There’s no end in sight for Trump’s trade war with China, because ‘both sides are more inclined to elevate tension than blink’

President Donald Trump and China have been engaged in a tense trade dispute for over five months. Both sides recently increased tariff threats. Trump threatened to slap 25% tariffs on $200 billion worth of Chinese goods, while China threatened tariffs on another $60 billion worth of US goods. The two...


Second-quarter GDP jumps 4.1% for best pace in nearly four years

Gross domestic product increased 4.1 percent in the second quarter, matching Reuters estimates. Strong consumer and business spending as well as a surge in exports ahead of retaliatory tariffs from China helped drive economic growth. The last time the economy grew this quickly was in the third quarter of 2014. Jeff...


‘Like a Soviet-type economy’: GOP free traders unload on Trump

The president’s $12 billion farm bailout gets an ugly reception among many Republicans in Congress. President Donald Trump’s bailout for the ag industry is driving his many Republican trade critics to exasperation. Pro-free trade Republicans were already furious with Trump’s escalation of tariffs against U.S. allies and China — a...


Trump’s new midterm threat: A trade war smacking voters

Market analysts, industry experts and economists warn the economic fallout of the president’s tariffs could peak around election time. By MEGAN CASSELLA President Donald Trump’s trade wars could become a major political drag for Republicans, with job losses and price increases piling up just as voters head to the polls in...


Trump claims that China and the EU ‘have been manipulating their currencies’ in new assault accusing them of taking away America’s ‘competitive edge’

President Trump is threatening to take his China trade war to a new level   He has already imposed $50 billion in tariffs and China responded in kind  He told CNBC he is ‘ready’ to escalate to $500 billion Global futures markets were down amid trade jitters  Economic advisor Larry Kudlow...


U.S. to slap tariffs on extra $200 billion of Chinese imports

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – The United States has decided to impose tariffs on $200 billion worth of imports from China after efforts to negotiate a solution to the trade dispute failed to reach an agreement, senior administration officials said on Tuesday. https://www.reuters.com/article/us-usa-trade-china-tariffs/u-s-to-slap-tariffs-on-extra-200-billion-of-chinese-imports-idUSKBN1K0336


Trump: European Union is ‘possibly as bad’ as China on trade

President Trump on Sunday refused to back down on his administration’s tariffs against U.S. allies, arguing that the European Union is “as bad as China” in its trade policies. Trump appeared on Fox News’s “Sunday Morning Futures,” where host Maria Bartiromo asked if he’d considered teaming up with U.S. allies to...


US intelligence report: China will have the world’s most powerful naval gun ready for war by 2025

The warship-mounted electromagnetic railgun is expected to enter China’s arsenal by 2025, according to sources with direct knowledge of a U.S. intelligence report. Railguns have long appeared on Russian, Iranian and U.S. military wish lists as cost-effective weapons that give navies the might of a cannon with the range of...