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Trump’s ‘groundbreaking’ deal with American leaders

Tariff Tensions Shadow US, Canada, Mexico Trade Pact Signing The president joined Canadian and Mexican leaders at a global meeting to sign a revised North American trade pact, which will fulfill a longstanding political promise. President Donald Trump teamed with the leaders of Canada and Mexico on Friday to sign...


‘They’re no angels!’ Trump claims he’s seen Dem senator in ‘very bad and compromising situations’ as he attacks the credibility of Kavanaugh’s accusers but teetotal President admits judge had ‘difficulty’ with drinking

President Donald Trump complained Democrats have treated Brett Kavanaugh ‘so viciously and so violently’ In an angry Rose Garden press conference he hit at the credibility of two Kavanaugh accusers He said Christine Ford hasn’t said ‘what year’ and ‘what house’ Kavanaugh allegedly assaulted her Said he has heard another...


Canada and US reach trade deal to replace NAFTA: USMCA

The United States and Canada have agreed to a deal replacing the North American Free Trade Agreement, according to a senior U.S. administration official. The new deal has been deemed the USMCA — the United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement — the official says. Canada, America’s second largest trading partner, was left out...


U.S. to move ahead with Mexico trade pact, keep talking to Canada

President Trump notified Congress of his intent to sign a trade agreement with Mexico after talks with Canada broke up with no immediate deal to revamp NAFTA.  Breakingviews: Delaying NAFTA deal is a win  Dispute resolution in focus as NAFTA talks dra Julie Gordon, Sharay Angulo, Allison Martell WASHINGTON/TORONTO (Reuters) – Contentious...

Robert Chain made the threats towards The Boston Globe in multiple phone calls over the course of a week after it called on other newspapers to publish coordinate anti-Trump editorials on August 16. Theirs is pictured 0

Seventh-generation farmer: I’m a Trump supporter because he’s fighting for us on trade

Casey Guernsey says the U.S. agriculture industry needs trade certainty and he supports President Trump’s mission to seek fairer deals. “We need to look toward the future with optimism because these last few months, especially, have been a real roller coaster,” he says. Guernsey, a former Missouri state legislator, is...

President Donald Trump tweeted Monday that a new trade deal with Mexico was 'looking good' – and planned to make an immediate announcement on trade Monday. The two sides have been negotiating for months, while talks continued with Canada. The president imposed tariffs on steel and aluminum which angered allies and raised pressure for a new deal. 0

Trump reveals a deal has been reached with Mexico, calling it ‘a big day for trade’ as he puts President Peña Nieto on Oval Office speakerphone – but it won’t be called NAFTA because the name has a ‘bad connotation’ as a ‘rip-off’ for the US

Trump tweeted Monday: ‘A big deal looking good with Mexico!’ The president imposed tariffs on steel and aluminum which angered allies and raised pressure for a new deal The Dow Jones Industrial average immediately jumped 200 points on the news   Trump campaigned on tossing the existing NAFTA agreement and trying...


Flow of asylum seekers to Canada begins to slow amid traveler crackdown

The influx of asylum seekers that threw Canada’s refugee system into disarray slowed in June after also falling in May, the first two-month decline since the wave ramped up last year, according to preliminary figures from government officials and border agents. https://www.reuters.com/article/us-canada-immigration-border/flow-of-asylum-seekers-to-canada-begins-to-slow-amid-traveler-crackdown-idUSKBN1K23D3


Trump says PUTIN should be at the G7 summit in Canada after furious Twitter attacks on Macron and Trudeau and another complaint about U.S. being hit by unfair trade

President Trump has called for letting Russia Russia back into the G7 The group suspended Russia’s membership from the then-G8 after it’s invasion of Ukraine Russia annexed Crimea and continues to occupy the territory, where it has a historic naval base ‘They should let Russia come back in because we...


G7 summit will be a political fistfight for European members

Theresa May lands in Quebec for G7 with US sanctions and EU trade tariffs looming Theresa May landed in Quebec on Thursday, swapping bruising rows with cabinet colleagues over Brexit for what could also be bruising confrontations between the US president Donald Trump and the other G7 members over tariffs and foreign...


Donald Trump ‘tired of Theresa May’s school mistress tone’ and will not hold talks with her at G7

 Ben Riley-Smith, us editor  7 JUNE 2018 • 11:50PM Donald Trump has grown frustrated with Theresa May’s “school mistress” tone, allies of the president have told The Telegraph, as it emerged the pair will not hold formal talks at the G7 summit in Canada. The US president is said to bristle at the Prime Minister’s approach...