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A group of Hondurans in the migrant caravan scale the Mexican border wall in Tijuana, and are immediately taken into US custody as they set foot in San Diego

Dozens of migrants, including children, jumped across the border between the US and Mexico on Sunday They were immediately arrested by American Border Patrol guards and planned to claim political asylum  Thousands of migrants are camped on the Mexican side of the border after walking there as part of a...


Trump warns Mexico it ‘would be very smart’ if they stopped caravans before they reached the border as Mexican officials say no deal with the president that they would keep asylum seekers out of U.S.

President Donald Trump on Sunday warned Mexico it ‘would be very smart’ if the country stopped migrant caravans ‘long before’ they get to the U.S. border It comes as Mexico said there was ‘no agreement’ made with the U.S. that will require asylum seekers to wait in their country while their cases...


Flow of asylum seekers to Canada begins to slow amid traveler crackdown

The influx of asylum seekers that threw Canada’s refugee system into disarray slowed in June after also falling in May, the first two-month decline since the wave ramped up last year, according to preliminary figures from government officials and border agents. https://www.reuters.com/article/us-canada-immigration-border/flow-of-asylum-seekers-to-canada-begins-to-slow-amid-traveler-crackdown-idUSKBN1K23D3